what does it mean to really love people?

It means INVESTING your time, energy, resources, and heart in people. It means developing true friendships. St. Olaf is an intentionally RELATIONAL church. Our calling to love people in Jesus' name means we are choosing to do life in relationship with the diverse neighborhood in which God has placed us.

St. Olaf stands at a cultural crossroads. We are all along the socio-economic spectrum. At varying levels of family stability. Many different colors. Many different stories.

But the Gospel is good news for everyone who believes. We all come as beggars and babies. The Gospel levels the playing field.

So outreach efforts at St. Olaf are intentionally spaced throughout the year to create opportunities to LOVE PEOPLE, so that we might gain a platform to share the Gospel with as many as possible. We welcome everyone. We serve, and we're making friends.

If you're looking for a church home that is intentionally engaging its community, come see what God is doing in us!

food pantry

Every first and third Saturday of the month at 10am we provide food, necessities, and warm clothes to under-resourced families from our community. We are currently regularly serving 35+ families. Check out our calendar to find our next food distribution date and to learn about the many other opportunities we have to connect with and serve people in our neighborhood.